Gemma Sharp

I’m co-founder of the Egg and Sperm Race, and a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh’s MRC Centre for Reproductive Health.

I’m on Linkedin here and Twitter here.

Why I decided to get involved in public engagement:

I decided this science communication malarky looked pretty fun after watching a Guerilla Science lecture at Green Man festival 2010. A couple of months later I started my PhD at the University of Edinburgh on a Principal’s Career Development Scholarship that encourages students to gain skills and experience in areas important for a career in academia. I chose to focus on honing my Public Engagement skills because I think telling the public about what we’re up to behind closed doors in universities is important, and if done properly can also be really interesting and entertaining.

My research interests:

My PhD is on the use of computational biology in the study of child birth. I’m particularly interested in finding out what initiates labour in pregnant women, and think that to do that, scientists will have to adapt a ‘systems approach’, which means biologists, computer scientists, and mathematicians all working together to solve the problem. I became interested in this sort of thing when I was doing my MSc at Bristol, it seemed so frustrating and odd that we still don’t know what causes pregnant women to go into labour – I wanted to help us understand more!

Other stuff:

I like shopping for pretty dresses, listening to music (here’s my hardlyeverupdatedsinceIforgotmypassword profile), and eating out. I’m pretty simple, so seeing funny cats and dogs also makes me very happy. Here’s a picture of my mum’s cat, Maisie:

Contact: Email or Twitter @ammegandchips

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